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Young Ginns
2023 LG

Young Ginns began in November 1991 when Unwound was staying at The Embassy house where Nation Of Ulysses guitarist Tim Green lived. Somehow around the coffee table, an idea was conceived to have a “jam band” in the vein of the instrumental songs of Black Flag and other SST artists. Brandt Sandeno stuck with the drums while Justin Trosper went back to his previous role as a bass player with Green on guitar. A couple fun sessions happened, that sometimes sounded like Black Flag but more like the guitar player from NOU and some Unwound dudes. A few days later Unwound went on their long way back home to Olympia, WA.

After NOU broke up, Green packed up, went west and settled in Olympia where Sandeno and Trosper lived. Sandeno had since left Unwound but he and Trosper were always looking for an excuse to play together. Since there was so much free creativity and time bouncing around in 1993 Olympia, the Young Ginns idea was easily reborn in the Red House basement where Green lived and was building up his next studio.

Teenaged San Diego transplant Brett Frost decided that the band needed a frontman after witnessing a few practices and wiggled his way into the fold. A couple of local shows and a recording session at the Red House led to a malt liquor and nyquil-fueled west coast tour with a 7-inch record fresh off the presses from Gravity records (release #3) of San Diego.

The return to Olympia saw the band writing and rehearsing a couple more new tunes and a recording with Pat Maley at Yo-Yo studios in the Capitol Theater in Olympia. The band split up shortly after as everyone decided to pursue other endeavors. Ironically, the band started as a pretty casual tribute jam band but it burned hotter and brighter like a typical hardcore band with Frost as the wild frontman. What began as a math rock fantasy transformed into a punk rock nightmare.

Unwound continued recording and touring throughout the ’90s and Green started several bands, most notably the Fucking Champs. He had a successful recording career with his own studio in Northern California that is still going strong. Frost moved on and around, ending up in Brooklyn, NY. Sadly, he died in 2023. Honeybear released a compilation of all the recordings on CD in 1998. This batch was freshly remixed and mastered by Tim Green at Louder Studios in the winter of 2023.

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