Volksempfänger - Attack Of Sound

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Attack Of Sound
2024 Feeding Tube/Cardinal Fuzz

Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA) once again join forces to release this behemoth of an album. Attack Of Sound is an unapologetic swooning love letter to pop music. It's the perfect album, where dissonant and harsh guitars are juxtaposed with almost bubblegum pop. Sheets of feedback over inept tribalism and sugared by amazingly sweet vocals. This album works brilliantly as Ajay & Holly show their innate love of classic '60s pop and psychedelia as much as the Stooges. The ghosts of Love and Phil Spector haunt the wasted grooves of "What The Girl Does" and "Damned And Drowned," while the lurching punk noise mayhem of "How We Made It Seem" resurrects the in-yer-face Detroit icons like the MC5Attack Of Sound remains a touchstone for all the people who ever believed that rock was for waking you up. Equal parts Beach Boys' melody and Velvets' minimalism. It still provides that visceral thrill -- an attack of sound! Recorded and mixed at Soundation Studio by Ajay. Mastered by Chris Hardman. Sleeve design by Oli Heffernan. Band photo by Rob Verweij. Limited-edition of 300 copies.

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