The Wigmaker's Fingers

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The Wigmaker's Fingers
Written by Lewis Colburn
Layout & Design by Max Moon

The Wigmaker's Fingers is a one-shot adventure for use with Into the Odd.

Everybody needs an extra finger now and again. If you’re part of Bastion’s upper crust, a fancy Prosthetic Finger is absolutely de rigueur. What’s a poor wig-maker to do if he can’t afford such a luxury? Well, he might stoop so low as to hire you, bold explorers, to burgle him one of these extraneous yet extremely fashionable digits. But stay alert! Somebody’s been stealing children! Could the prosthetics and missing children be somehow related to the nascent star cult, the Union of Nacreous Pinpoints? And what about those strange and increasingly restive folk residing in the Underground? The Wig-Maker’s Fingers is a powder keg of adventure for Into the Odd! So get going and steal yourself a finger!

All bound up in an offset printed hardcover with an elegant green satin ribbon bookmark.

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