Sun Ra - Prophetika: Book One

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Prophetika: Book One
by Sun Ra

106 pages
Publisher: Kicks Books


"People can come from outer space and take the whole planet over because you have never taken notice of what's happening, and you don't care about it, because you think you're just like snug bugs in a rug. You think you're safe, that it's alright, and things are going to be alright, and everything happens for the best. But I'm telling you that you'd better wake up. There are all kinds of beings on this planet walking around with you. You have angels and demons and all kind of things - I can't even find a word to describe what you have walking around, right alongside you."

- Sun Ra

A lost trove of unpublished end-times poetry and prose is unleashed in Sun Ra's terrifying new trilogy PROPHETIKA. Here, Book One delivers hard-edged poetic predictions and prognostications to mankind from the doomsday pen of visionary genius Sun Ra!

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