Stroud, Donn & Forman, Adam B. - Ruination Pilgrimage (Adventures & Pilgrimages)

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Ruination Pilgrimage (Adventures & Pilgrimages)
Psychoda Press

Adventures & Pilgrimages is a collection of 9 short adventures for Ruination Pilgrimage, the medieval horror panic engine RPG.

In "Chapel of the Turning Dawn" by Perplexing Ruins, a small chapel and the strange guardian may be hiding something of great importance to the church.

"Crude Awakenings" by Alan Gerding is a 0-Level funnel adventure where the PCs are literally playing for their lives.

"Festival of St. Sangreshin" by James A. Pozenel Jr, dives deep into the bizarre holidays and ritual of rural villages.

"Here Come the Saviors" by Diogo Nogueira is a shell game of demonic forces playing with the souls of mankind.

"The Mistress of Sorrows" by Stefan Surratt visits a small town where wishes might just be getting out of hand.

"Mother" by Alex T. takes the characters to a sad village where the children have disappeared.

"Sweet Dreams" by Ben Laurence takes the PCs to a once calm town that is now plagued by pig-headed tricksters where time is of the essence before mean-spirited fun turns deadly.

"Sisters of Stone" by Sean McCoy brings the characters to another small chapel where lurks a horror of the less supernatural but more sinister kind.

Finally, "The Well of Desire" plunges characters into a mysterious location that may or may not actually exist in the waking world!

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