Stockholm Kartell Pamphlets

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The Prison-Crypt of Mu-Ye

Far into the marsh there is a cliff with a large gate few dare to look upon. Legends say it is the entrance to the Crypt of Baron Mu-Ye, an ancient warrior, tyrant, and immortal vampire. Some legends call the crypt a prison, and some also say that the Baron was buried with all of his stolen treasures, but surely only desperate fools would dare to rob such ancient evil?

Crypt of the Crocodiles

Deep in the desert, there is a network of tombs of forgotten royalty. It is said that the crypt emerges from the sand for just one week every 13 years and that those brave enough to enter seldom return. But those who do come back, do so with enough riches to retire, at least that’s what people say.

The Crypt of the Crocodiles have now been sighted, this is your chance.

Hell Lost

The air is full of smoke and ash.The sky is burning. The ground is cracked and covered in rocks as sharp as knives.

The walls around you have carvings of dead faces wearing painful expressions. Beyond the walls are only darkness and fires. It’s eerily quiet.

The portal behind you inactive and cracked. You are trapped here....In Hell.

The Ommadonian Ossuary

Deep into the dark depths is a cathedral built from bones of men and monsters by an ancient death cult. The cult is gone, but some of the treasures they gathered remain.

Everyone who knows about its existence also knows that you should not stick around for long, something terrible awakens if you do. This dungeon is about going in, grabbing something, and getting out in time to live.

The Cursed Abbey

A small abbey belonging to an order of demon-slaying knights far up in the mountains has long been cut off from the world by a most unnatural storm for over 30 years.

Two months ago the storm lifted.

A few days ago every single soul in the nearby village of Griert went missing. Local authorities are now looking for brave souls to investigate the Cursed Abbey.

The Unliving Court of Graemr

A tunnel collapse revealed a hidden system of tunnels. Brave idiots turned up to investigate, but few of them returned. Those who did, brought back gold and stories of a horrible scraping sound from deep below. And stories of giants still living down there in the deep.

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