Sloppy Seconds - Destroyed

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Sloppy Seconds
2024 Puke N Vomit

PNV Records is positively ecstatic to announce the reissue of the seminal debut album Destroyed by none other than the American Junk Pop maestros, Sloppy Seconds. This gem originally dropped on the Toxic Shock label back in '89, to say it's been a must-have for any discerning punk collector since day one would not do it justice. Just like those snarky punk rockers who dominated the underground scene in the '90s—think the Queers and Screeching Weasel—Sloppy Seconds are all about that Ramones-inspired punk vibe. But what sets them apart, my fellow music aficionados, is the unparalleled vocal prowess of frontman B.A. He brings a level of coolness and snarl that's just on another level. What really made this album resonate with suburban skate punks and fellow nerds alike is Sloppy Seconds' wicked sense of humor. I'm talking about lyrics that dive headfirst into teenage boy territory: porn, junk food, cartoons—you name it! And all this goodness is laid down over some of the tightest beach pop junk punk rhythms you'll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. Trust me, this reissue is gonna transport you straight back to the golden era of punk!

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