Reimergartin, Kyle - Fairyland - Lavender Riso Edition

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Fairyland - Lavender Riso Edition
by Kyle Reimergartin

Goblin, elf, pixie, imp. Fairies collect many names and change forms to suit their mood. Displaced and forever adrift from sanity, Fairyland is as nightmarish as it is whimsical.  

Fairyland is a system-neutral psychedelic microsetting designed to be easy to run as a one-shot, dropped into any existing campaign, or used as your primary setting. Rife with tables, the zine is full of inspirational chaos to prompt the imaginations of GMs and players alike.

Dripping with lysergic contradiction, Fairyland emerges amorphous, fancily clad, and ready to ruin everything players thought they knew. Includes an introductory adventure, “The House of the Sunken Stars.”

  • Screen printed with iridescent amethyst ink on black coverstock and saddle-stitched with matching staples.
  • Interior risograph printing with lavender ink
  • 48 pages of mind-altering fairy content riddled with archaic art
  • Fairy-generating tables to ensure that no two fairies look, behave, or feel the same
  • Rumors, entrances, & strange magics
  • Fairy tomes and truisms to generate prophecies and ambiguous knowledge
  • Curses and magical maladies to punish deserving characters
  • Illustrated adventure map drawn by Andy Webber
  • An appendix of fairy reference material for deeper exploration
  • Four playable Fairyland classes available as free downloads; the Pisky (DCC), Imp (MÖRK BORG), Bullbeggar (OSE), and Kelpie (Troika!)
  • Faiyland Original Soundtrack by Cthulugans available at:
  • PDF available with purchase upon request.

Written by Kyle Reimergartin
Layout & Design by Max Moon
Map Illustration by Andy Webber

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