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The space before the game. The place with all the news, tricks, and cheats to keep your game humming like brand new. 

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Issue 1

It's Launch Day here at .dungeon HQ, and that means we have a launch event. The move from alpha to beta was huge and the influx of players was massive. But moving from beta to full-on-release is even bigger. This zine has everything you need to hop into the game Day 1 and catch up with those already in the game.

In the zine you'll find:

Your friend's list
A hex crawl
A fleshed-out town with NPCs
A launch event quest!
Some sick art from @camadjodha, @_lizardtongue, @NateTreme, @sinereous, @cysketch, and @EvlynMoreau.

Issue 2

The first epic-tier quest just dropped for .dungeon! Travel to the Red Wastes and scour the desert for the biggest treasure hoard the game has ever seen. You'll navigate invisible pathways, swinging blades, and dangerous lizardmen to find it. And even when you find it, getting it out might prove to be the ultimate challenge.

In this zine you'll find:

A hex crawl of the Red Wastes
A 5-room dungeon
Cover at from @NateTreme
and the first issue of the .dungeon comic by @petarvee

Issue 3

    We're revisiting the Beta Region of the game with this update. Travel into the valley and uncover its secrets with the help of the Three Orbs. The region was left after launch and has changed of its own accord. Can you unlock the first dungeon created for the game and find the Chrono Chross inside? The epic item is the only one capable of bringing back a character after they drop below zero connection. One use. Still unclaimed since the early days of the beta. It's yours for the taking.

    In this zine you'll find:

    A point crawl with art by @musetheart
    Two Player Characters with their own hopes for the Chrono Chross
    Additional art by @maguaxRPG
    And a dungeon, the first one created for the game, left to grow on its own

    All issues are 26 pages, softcover, full color, staple bound. Includes PDF.

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