Pozenel, Ophelia & James A., Jr. - Cats of Rahtlü

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Cats of Rahtlü
by Ophelia Pozenel & James A. Pozenel, Jr.
Horse Shark Games

Cats of Rahtlü is designed for four to six first-level characters. In this investigative sandbox, the party will learn of odd disappearances and strange activities.  The adventure culminates underground where the party faces the horrifying truth in a graveyard bereft of it's typical denizens.




Writing: Ophelia Pozenel & James A. Pozenel, Jr.
Editing: Keith Nelson
Cover Artist: Doug Kovacs
Cartography: Łukasz Kowalczuk
Frontispiece & Logotype: David Persinger
Interior Artists: Hannes Bok, Darrenn Canton, Juan Ochoa, Jayna Pavlin, Stefan Poag, Del Teigeler, Sinereous, Carmin Vance
Layout: James A. Pozenel, Jr.

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