Moon, Max - Teenage Rebellion & The System Blower Army

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Teenage Rebellion & The System Blower Army
by Max Moon

Teenage Rebellion & the System Blower Army is a 3rd party Cy_Borg adventure.

The anarchist glitchpunk movement credits SYSTEM BLOWER for its founding and recent explosion centralized in the Ports. This isn't just political noise, it's a full-blown anti-civilization movement, and as the fanbase has grown, the time for action is now!

SYSTEM BLOWER has a job for you. Turns out that Celia Samson, the teen progeny of that moron exec at the top of this hill, Marlo Samson, is a huge SYSTEM BLOWER fan but hasn't gone full System Blower Army yet. This is where you come in. SYSTEM BLOWER has a plan that's going to get creds, piss off the hegemony, and stir up a media storm like never before. All you need to do is pull off this heist and create a scene so no one misses it! It would be great if you survived it...but that's not the point. Raid the mansion. Kidnap or convert Celia Samson to the cause, doesn't matter which, just be sure to get her to the finale show before soundcheck...and then it's time to BLOW THE SYSTEM!!!!

12 pages saddle stitched.

Writing, art, & layout by Max Moon.

Art uses a variety of stock art with heavy digital alteration as well as original elements. No AI art used.

Email me for your download code. PDF available at:

A Glitchpunk band & album generator is currently in progress and available at:

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