Marsh, Clint / Cao, Alice - The Ring of Truth: The Casting & Use of the Magic Circle

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The Ring of Truth: The Casting & Use of the Magic Circle
by Clint Marsh & Alice Cao

To Court the Miraculous

"The treasure I'm after isn't silver or gold. I don't want to know how to turn invisible, and I'm not in search of my one true love. I'm making the circle because I want to open a window between this world and the magical one, the place where elves and dreams of flight are born."

Haunted by fascination, a teenage boy undertakes an ancient ritualistic working for answers to questions unfathomable by science and religion. Submitting himself to the mysteries of the magic circle, he risks spiritual sacrifice in a gamble to step into adulthood without the loss of childhood wonder.

Clint Marsh's candid memoir The Ring of Truth serves as a guide for anyone yearning for a more magical way of engaging with life. By turns personal and practical, this essay features dreamlike illustrations by Alice Cao.

A Fiddler's Green Leaflet.

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