Kungens Män - Kungens Ljud & Bild

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Kungens Män
Kungens Ljud & Bild
2022 Centripetal Force

Centripetal Force is excited to announce the release of Kungens Ljud & Bild, the latest full length recording from Sweden's Kungens Män. Kungens Män hails from Stockholm, Sweden, where they formed in 2012. What started out with the sole purpose of hanging out as friends, occasionally with instruments in tow, has resulted in records on several labels and numerous European tours. The band is rooted in the psychedelic/drone rock tradition of bands such as Träd, Gräs & Stenar, and over the years Kungens Män has integrated influences from a number of genres, including krautrock, shoegaze, noiserock and free jazz. The fundamental idea has never changed though – to get immersed in sound, and let the drone be the main trail taking the band to inner space – may it be through folkish melodies, noise, sonic blurs, modal outbursts, motorik beats or just good old head melting rock. And of course, it’s all improvised on the spot. 2022 not only marks the ten year anniversary of the band, it is their first venture into the North American scene, thanks to Centripetal Force, who are to release a special edition of the new album Kungens Ljud & Bild. It also marks Kungens Män’s first vinyl release on their own label (for UK and European distribution), which, like the album, is named 'Kungens Ljud & Bild'. Why make things complicated?

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