Klaver, Christian - Armadas In The Mist

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Armadas In The Mist
by Christian Klaver

Publisher: CamCat Books

In the finale to the Empire of the House of Thorns series, Justice and her rag-tag fleet of misfits sail out to meet the Faerie Armada, and Justice’s conflict and confusion with her family comes to a heartbreaking head.

The Black Shuck’s forces gather just beyond the mist . . .

Captain Justice Kasric knows how complicated family can be. The escalating Human-Faerie war has scattered and wounded her siblings and transformed her parents beyond recognition. After narrowly escaping yet another dangerous clash, fifteen-year-old Justice has had enough. She’s determined to defeat the Black Shuck, the mysterious leader controlling the Faerie invasion of London, but if Justice hopes to stand a chance at victory, she’ll have to do the impossible: reunite her family and lead them against the looming Faerie Armada.

With her mother and brother at the helm of the enemy fleet, and the prophesized Seven Virtues slipping out of reach, Justice more than has her work cut out for her. Even if she can save England, the cost may be higher than she’s willing to pay.

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