Introduction to Magick

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Introduction to Magick
by School of Life Design

20 Pages
Publisher: Microcosm

Introduction to Magick is a 7-day, intensive course designed to help you feel more in control of your reality by providing tools to cultivate personal power and connection with the nonphysical.

The word magick was put into use by Aleister Crowley, who wanted to differentiate between stage magic and spiritual/metaphysical magick. This workbook explores what magick is and how to use it.

Magick is the cultivating of personal power–the remembering of our inherent divinity. We all have the ability to create the reality of our dreams, and using magick is a fun method for working with universal laws to create intended outcomes.

Sometimes, magick is just listening for answers from the nonphysical. The "Talking Board" exercise is perfect for accessing the wisdom already inside of you.

Spellcasting is another aspect of magick. When you focus your attention on what you want using rituals, crystals, potions, and altars, you create a powerful signal that reflects back to you in the form of manifestations. "The Cauldron," "Ritual Altar," "Talisman," "Vision Board" and "Sigil Magick" all work with your focused intention. They help you project what you want to receive back.

But don’t you just wish you had a "Magick Wand" to grant your every wish? Then the first exercise in this book is for you—using your problems to harness energy, transmute what is not wanted into exactly what is wanted with the flick of your wrist.

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