I'm the Bad Guy?!

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Why should humans have all the fun?

I'm the Bad Guy is a one shot module perfect for Halloween, full moons, or Friday the 13th where the players create monsters and come together to fight back against the encroaching scourge of humanity. Using an intuitive, stripped down Old-School system, you can quickly create characters and move on to important things. Like killing puny peasants.

I'm the Bad Guy?!

  • Choose from eight different Monsters like Medusa, Dryad, and the Leshy.
  • Give them cool abilities like berserk, foul-tongued, acid -blooded or hairy.
  • Kick the villagers out of your forest, destroy their village, and even dare to assault the ultimate bastion of human civilization: The Squire's Keep.
  • Tell stories and solve riddles.
  • Featuring art from LF OSR and Justin Draws Comics.

The monsters must band together and fight for the greater bad.

Created by Ahimsa Kerp for Knight Owl Games

52 pages, A5, saddle stitched zine, color cover, black & white interiors. Includes pdf.

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