Haynes, Todd - The Velvet Underground - DVD

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The Velvet Underground
Directed by Todd Haynes

2 DVDs

Emerging from the primordial soup of glamour, gutter sleaze, and feverish creativity that was New York’s 1960s underground culture, the Velvet Underground redefined music with its at once raw and exalted blend of experimentation and art-damaged rock and roll. In his kaleidoscopic documentary The Velvet Underground, Todd Haynes vividly evokes the band’s incandescent world: the creative origins of the twin visionaries Lou Reed and John Cale, Andy Warhol’s fabled Factory, and the explosive tension between pop and the avant-garde that propelled the group and ultimately consumed it. Never-before-seen performances, interviews, rare recordings, and mind-blowing transmissions from the era’s experimental cinema scene come together in an ecstatic swirl of sound and image that is to the traditional music documentary what the Velvets were to rock: utterly revolutionary.


  • 4K digital master, approved by director Todd Haynes and cinematographer Ed Lachman
  • Alternate stereo soundtrack
  • Audio commentary featuring Haynes and editors Affonso Gonçalves and Adam Kurnitz
  • Outtakes of interviews shot for the film with musician Jonathan Richman, filmmaker Jonas Mekas, and actor Mary Woronov
  • Haynes and musicians John Cale and Maureen Tucker in conversation with writer Jenn Pelly in 2021
  • Complete versions of some of the avant-garde films excerpted in the movie
  • Teaser
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • PLUS: A 2021 essay by critic Greil Marcus
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