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Hag Mag

Welcome to Witchwillow Bog
...a land full of hags that can be used in your 5E campaign or any fantasy roleplaying game. Will you defeat these wretched and hilarious creatures, or will you join their schemes?

What's Inside?

1 System-Neutral adventure setting - ripe with legends, lore, and backstory. Drop Witchwillow Bog into your campaign for one session, or stick around and uncover all the seedy secrets and colorful characters the land has to offer.

13 System-Neutral adventure hooks - all set in and around Witchwillow Bog and that can be used in any fantasy-style role-playing game.

10 new 5E compatible mundane weapons - such as mops, spoons, buckets, and the dreaded Oyster Midden Buckshot.

9 new 5E compatible magic items - such as mops, spoons, and buckets...but magical!

9 new 5E compatible monster / NPC stat blocks - including three new CR 20+ EPIC HAGS, each with a backstory befitting such a heinous villain.

1 table for randomly generating Hag Cocktails - a new type of 5E compatible consumable magic item. There are literally millions of potential combinations of magical effects, crafting ingredients, and alcoholic potency.

And much more!

Publisher: Three Apparitions
Written By: Louis DiDomenico & Christopher Kitching
Artwork: James Boyle
Logo, Design and Layout: Marshbank.studio

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