Garth Grimgar's Guid to the Flora of the Dying World

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These are the field notes of the famously reclusive Occult Herbmaster Garth Grimgar, found in the ruins of his hut years after his death. The precise meaning of Grimgar's astrological diagrams was known only to himself. It is a secret he has taken with him to his grave. Despite the possibility that he was dabbling in blasphemy, the Church Elders have elected to preserve his notes for the potentially useful knowledge they might contain.

Garth Grimgar's Guide to the Flora of the Dying World is a brand new supplement for MÖRK BORG! A companion volume to Creatures of the Dying World, it is sure to bring many hours of fun to your table!


  • 16 detailed entries on flora found throughout the Dying World
  • lavish full color illustrations
  • stats and game play effects for MÖRK BORG

Created by Jonny Bloozit

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