Forgotten Rites of the Moldering Dead

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The Forgotten Rites of the Moldering Dead
by Donn Stroud
Psychoda Press

A sourcebook of the dead, un-dead, and rotting to inject randomness and new life into the classic un-dead monsters.


Writing & Layout: Donn Stroud
Contributing Authors: James A. Pozenel, Jr, Sean Richer, Anne Hunter, Diogo Nogueira, and Daniel J. Bishop.
Editing: Rachel Sprovtsoff Stroud and James A. Pozenel, Jr
Art: Janya Pavlin, Adam B. Forman, Acid Lich, Sam Stroud, Craig Brasco, Mycotae/M. Labelle, J. Labelle/Sinereous, David Hoskins, Charles Ferguson-Avery, Hubert Griffe, Abigail LaLonde, Dan Hanksworth
Cartography: Pat Eyler

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