Doodswens - "Lichtvrees"

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"Lichtvrees" LP
2022 Svart

The debut album from this Dutch female Black Metal duo. Doodswens initially erupted into the underground scene in 2019 with their demo, which sent a shiver through its decaying corpse. With their debut album "Lichtvrees," Doodswens opens up the cesspit of the human condition, giving voice to our bleakest emotions through old-school Black Metal like a freshly dug grave. Proudly expressing feelings of inner negativity and depression, Doodswens have taken the promise of their underground roots and crystallized their very own atmospheric war of sound on "Lichtvrees," making it an enthralling and captivating inception.

"In Mijn Bloed"
"Zwarte Staar"
"Het Zwartewaterland"
"Lichtvrees II"

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