Death SS - The Cursed Singles

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Death SS
The Cursed Singles
2023 Nuclear War Now!

The full story of Death SS is one that spans over forty years, but as with most bands that have had a truly revolutionary historical impact, it is the formative years of the band’s existence that are most significant. "The First Seal,” as it is described by band founder and creative director, Stefano Silvestri, encompassed the years between the band’s conceptual genesis in 1977 and Silvestri’s temporary departure in 1982. During this time, Silvestri envisioned and created an entity that would permanently alter the trajectory of heavy rock, metal, punk, and other related genres. Along with Paul Chain, Silvestri combined elements of horror, occultism and heavy metal to become a pioneer in horror metal and black metal; the musical style is called "horror music" by the band. Sylvester left the band in 1982 and Chain replaced him with Sanctis Ghoram before closing the project in 1984 to start his solo career. Sylvester reformed the band in 1988 (with him being the only original member). This new incarnation of the band recorded their first full-length album, Death of Steve Sylvester. There would be many line-up changes in the years to come, with Sylvester once again being the only constant. The Cursed singles features eight tracks recorded during the band's first era 1977-1984.

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