Clark, Ed H. - Constructive Beekeeping

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Constructive Beekeeping
by Ed H. Clark

The bee is an economical “fellow.” Efficiency is their stock and trade. For centuries they have been working at the same task and brought it to perfection. Bees amaze and inspire engineers and builders with their geometric comb, with its economy and strength. And bees’ honey, superlative of sweet and good; yet they continue to maintain a marvel within their home, which, when understood, will amaze us more than ever.

Commercial beekeeping aims for maximum production of well-ripened honey at a minimum of cost. Swarming adds greatly to the cost of producing honey. Instead, this zine will give a solid understanding for the future beekeeper to take advantage of the laws of vapor condensation, allowing you to follow the bees to the honey. Rather than telling the bees what to do, we encourage you to proclaim, “keep all your brood, keep your queen, keep the cold damp air out of the hive and I will make your hive so perfect a condenser of water vapor that the work of evaporating water from the nectar will be done quickly.” Beekeeping is teamwork and teamwork has leveraged benefits. Constructive beekeeping helps to ripen the honey each night, stored, and  out of the way of the queen. The hive will create the greatest comfort for the bees and tremendous results for everyone.

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