Arbon and the Rot Dragon

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This forest was once beautiful. The Droadine society has tended the woodlands for centuries, centering their culture around the ancient towering tree known as Arbon...

During the last year, druids have been disappearing in the forest. Meanwhile, thousands of leaves have turned a deep red and are covered in brittle black spots. Their trunks crumble to reveal a mysterious rot. Amidst the decay, humongous fungi have begun growing. The decay spreads in all directions from Arbon.

Many believe the source is the gigantic shadowy winged creature roosting high in the tree. Whenever it arrives, red spores flood out of Arbon like blood from a cut.

A crack has formed in the base of the great tree and some believe the source of the rot can be found within. The Droadine are forbidden to enter but are ready to pay skilled adventurers to investigate the rot and save the forest.


This zine is a dungeon crawl-style adventure up a rotting tree filled with gigantic insects, talking mushrooms, and surprise clouds of dangerous red spores. There is a focus on collecting secrets and avoiding danger via communication. Play time ~5 Hours.


  • A 16-page color zine
  • Designed for 5e and Cairn. 3-5 players (Level 3 for 5e).
  • Dungeon-crawl style exploration
  • Plenty of NPCs to meet and secrets to discover
  • Magic item list


Jim Hall - Writer and Illustrator
A.J. Montague - Copy Editor
Perplexing Ruins - Artwork Contributor

16 page,  5.5" x 8.5", full color, saddle stitched zine. PDF included. 

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