Adams, Nick; CrimethInc - A Guide To Picking Locks: Number One

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A Guide To Picking Locks: Number One

by Nick Adams and CrimethInc

96 pages
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing

"How frustrating would it be if you could magically learn everything a master locksmith knew about picking locks, but didn't have the actual tools used to pick a lock? Now reverse that problem. Suppose you bought an entire tool case from a master locksmith, but had no idea how to use the myriads of tools inside. The point is that both the book-learning of lock picking techniques and the workshop making of the tools to pick locks are two halves of the same skill."

Written by an experienced locksmith, and illustrated with a nice assortment of diagrams, this giant zine will guide you through the different types of locks one might encounter and the best tools and techniques for picking them. With an emphasis on making your own lock tools, you might be surprised when this kind of practical information comes in handy!


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